Find our livestream on Sundays at 10:00 am on YouTube at and on our Facebook page.

How to Find Us

First Christian is across the street from Save-A-Lot, two blocks North of the Wadsworth Square. The church parking lot is located on Boyer Street with entrances on Boyer and Lyman Streets. We have additional parking in close proximity to the Church. Parking is permitted in the business lots west of the church on the south side of Boyer Street. Click here for more information about directions and parking.


Our handicap accessible parking is located curb-side facing west in the church parking lot. We have several handicap parking spaces. There are not steps or curbs when coming from the parking lot or within the church and sanctuary. To access the Fellowship Hall in the basement, please use the Boyer Street door from the outside.

Come as You Are

Feel free to “come as you are” to First Christian. At both the contemporary and traditional services you will find people dressed up, dressed casually, or various stages in between! All are welcome here.

Once You're Here

There are two main entrances to the church, the "front" door on High Street and the "Colonnade" door (aptly named, as you walk through the covered colonnade to get there). Using either door, the sanctuary itself isn't hard to find! The front door opens into the narthex with doors directly in front of you to the sanctuary. If you enter through the Colonnade doors, you will be in the Gathering Area. The doors to the sanctuary will be directly in front of you across the Gathering Area.

Colonnade Doors

Immediately upon entering either of those two doors, you’ll be greeted by one or two of our church members who will give you the church bulletin, can answer your questions and help direct you to where you want to go. In the Gathering Area, there is also an Information Center with a greeter or two who has a number of pamphlets and other material about First Christian Church. Feel free to take any of those materials with you.

Greeters in the Gathering Area
Greeters in the Gathering Area handing out the bulletin on the way into the Sanctuary

Information Desk in the Gathering Area
Information Center in the Gathering Area

During the Service

As you enter the sanctuary, you’ll be handed the Sunday bulletin and order of service. Feel free to sit anywhere you like. At the end of each pew you’ll find a small pad of paper called a Sunday Connection Card where you can record your name, address, and phone number if you like. You can use the Connection Cards to request specific prayers or offer praise for your joys and concerns. Just put the completed Connection Cards in the offering plate!

At First Christian, we celebrate Communion weekly in worship. It is open to all who confess their faith in Jesus Christ. At the Contemporary Service, all who desire can go up to the front of the sanctuary and receive Communion. Just follow the person in front of you! At the Traditional Service, Communion is passed through the pews. We always use grape juice instead of wine at both services. For more information on what we believe, click here.

Communion during the Contemporary Service
Communion during the Contemporary Service

Children are Welcome!

Children of all ages are always welcome to stay in the sanctuary during services. If you would rather them be in child care, you can find more information here.

After the Service

We encourage visitors to meet with greeters and other members of the congregation after the service. Please feel free to ask questions of anyone; we will be happy to meet you and share with you our impressions and experiences at First Christian!