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First Christian Church invites you to consider our online giving program as a way to automate your regular Private Promise giving to the church.

Online giving offers convenience for you and it’s a way of giving consistently to the church. It reduces both volunteer and staff time preparing and recording deposits, and it reduces the likelihood of errors. You can now give even when you’re not able to attend services.

Click here to give online.

(By clicking on the above link, you are leaving the First Christian Church Wadsworth website and going to a website hosted by Vanco Services, LLC. Vanco is the service provider; personal and financial data is stored and processed via their secure servers.)

Online Giving FAQs

How Much Does it Cost?

The church pays a small fee for the service and a small processing fee. It costs you nothing. You may contribute to the church’s costs when you enroll like you did to offset the cost of your offering envelopes.

Is it Safe? Who Are We Trusting With Processing Our Money?

It is certainly less risky than writing checks or bringing cash to church. After much research the church chose Vanco Services to process the electronic donations. Vanco is an established and highly-regarded company that processes contributions for more than 11,000 churches and nonprofit organizations. Contributions are transferred through the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network. That is the same network already used by families to make mortgage and utility payments. Records of your bank and credit card account numbers are securely kept by Vanco.

How Can I Prove I Made a Contribution?

The church will continue to prepare your quarterly statements that will be mailed or, it is suggested that you sign up to have them emailed to you. Your bank statement will show an itemized list of electronic transactions. You may also go online at any time to keep track of your gifts during the year and make any adjustments to future giving.

What if I am already taking advantage of the current “Electronic Giving” system?

Begin as you would to set up an Online account. Your profile from Electronic Giving will automatically transfer to your new Online account. We ask that everyone who has a computer and is giving through Electronic Giving move to Online Giving.

Can I Cancel my Online Giving Account or Make Changes?

Yes, you can do either by going online or by making an appointment through the church office to have someone assist you.

Do I still need to turn in my Private Promise card if enroll in Online Giving?

You may still turn in your card if you wish, but the fact that you are signed up for regular Online Giving serves as a promise of your intentions.

If I enroll in Online Giving will I still receive the packet of offering envelopes?

No, you will no longer receive the offering envelopes.

What if I have a computer and an email address but am unsure about how to enroll?

Call the church office and make an appointment to come in and have someone help you set up an account.

What if I am contributing through Electronic Giving and do not have a computer?

You will be kept on the old Electronic Giving system.

What if I have some other problem enrolling?

Call the church office and make an appointment to come in and have someone help you with your problem.

Can I enroll by using my smart phone during the sermon?

Theoretically yes, but it is definitely not recommended!